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Technology System

NaviFUS has two products in development:

NaviFUS FUS SonicationXS

NaviFUS® Neuronavigator-guided transcranial focused ultrasound system

NaviFUS® – FUS system that uses ultrasound energy to open the BBB and for neuromodulation; the device has already passed preliminary safety testing.

NAVIRFA Guidance Software XS

NAVIRFA® Needle Tracking System
Precise Surgical Tracking Technology

NAVIRFA® – Optical 3D surgical guidance kit and software that can accurately visualize the spatial position of surgical needles in vivo through special imaging algorithms.

Partners & Investors 

We are supported by great venture capital and healthcare investors, and we partner with international distributors, physicians, medical institutions, academic researchers, and patient advocacy groups around the world.

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Interview with 2023 TIE Award Winner Semiconductor Applications NaviFUS CEO Arthur Lung

Interview with 2023 TIE Award Winner NaviFUS CEO Arthur Lung

The NaviFUS System developed by NaviFUS Corp. was a winner of the TIE Award during Taiwan Innotech Expo this year. The device plans to complete a multi-national Phase III clinical trial, so the company is seeking to cooperate with major pharmaceuticals companies worldwide in testing their drugs or acquiring funding to obtain a sales license from the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Furthermore, the equipment needs specialized semiconductor components and microprocessors to generate and receive ultrasound. Hence, the company is searching for industry partners to engage in joint R&D to make the equipment smaller, so that patients will not need to go to a hospital and can use the equipment in a clinic or even at home.

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NaviFUS System for BBB Opening Pivotal Study of FUS Avastin for rGBM

NaviFUS Corp’s Focused Ultrasound System in Plans for Phase III recurrent Glioblastoma Multiforme Pivotal Trial

The NaviFUS® System, the Neuronavigation-guided focused ultrasound system developed by NaviFUS Corp., has completed a Phase II clinical trial in Taiwan for recurrent glioblastoma multiforme. Primary efficacy assessment data has shown promising results, and subsequently, the company plans to initiate a Phase III trial in Taiwan and a clinical trial in the United States. Additionally, it is exploring opportunities for international collaboration and patent sublicensing.

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NaviFUS wins Honorable Mention at 2023 TIE Award

NaviFUS Corporation proudly announces its receipt of an Honorable Mention at the esteemed 2023 Tech Innovation Excellence Award (TIE Award), underscoring the groundbreaking impact of its Neuronavigation-Guided Focused Ultrasound (FUS) System. This recognition is in the competitive Semiconductors category, highlighting NaviFUS’ proficiency of integrating novel chip and circuit design theory in the FUS domain and establishing itself as a major force among seasoned veterans in Taiwan’s high-tech landscape.

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