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NaviFUS Corp.

Our Vision

NaviFUS is a Biotech company dedicated to providing novel platform solutions for crossing the blood-brain barrier (BBB) for enhanced oncology drug delivery. Our product, the NaviFUS System, is designed to utilize non-invasive ultrasound energy to enable transient and safe enhancement of BBB permeability to facilitate the transport of small or large molecular CNS drugs to target tumor tissue at high precision for better treatment outcomes.

Our vision is to benefit CNS disease patients locally and globally by bringing breakthrough therapeutic ultrasound technology to clinical use through partnerships with global pharmaceutical companies.

Our History

NaviFUS Corp. was founded in 2015 , culminating from years of novel academic research by Dr. Hao-Li Liu in ultrasound technology at the Department of Electrical Engineering of Chang Gung University in Taiwan. Since then, the company has teamed up with local hospitals and other experts in biomedical, medical device, pharmaceutical, and regulatory domain to conduct clinical trials for the treatment of brain tumors and epilepsy in Taiwan. In 2018, the company also co-invested with Genovate Biotechnology Co., Ltd. for setting up a subsidiary company in Australia, where a clinical trial for focused ultrasound therapy in Epilepsy is ongoing.

Our Management Team

Jen Chen, Ph.D-Chairman of the Board

Jen Chen, Ph.D

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Chen has over 30 years of new drug discovery and development experience, holding previous positions at Novartis and Genelabs. He founded Genovate Biotech in Taiwan and launched its IPO as an over the counter (OTC) company. Dr. Chen also currently presides over other public and OTC biotech companies in Taiwan, with the vision of elevating Taiwan’s footprint in the global biotechnology industry.

Arthur Lung, Ph.D.-Chief Executive Officer

Arthur Lung, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Lung holds MSc and PhD degrees in Biomechanics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and National Yang-Ming University, respectively. He has over 25 years of medical device product design, development, marketing, and selling experience, which has translated into 24 product launches during his career at United Orthopedic and Medtronic. He also has extensive entrepreneurship experience in the healthcare industry.

Hao-Li Liu, Ph.D.-Founder & Chief Technical Consultant

Hao-Li Liu, Ph.D.

Founder & Chief Technical Consultant

Dr. Liu completed his post-doctoral training at Harvard University and is the Chief Technology Consultant at NaviFUS. He is also a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University. He has published more than 130 science citation index papers and has filed over 30 patents for biomedical uses of therapeutic ultrasound. He is the primary architect behind the NaviFUS system and its uses in central nervous system (CNS) diseases.

Our Values

Coming together is a beginning staying together is progress, and working together is a success.

– Henry Ford –

We achieve more by working together. We strive for successful collaborative relationships with our team, our partners, our peers, and our customers, ensuring we use our technology and knowledge to benefits people.


Good is never enough; We are always seeking newer and better ways. We continuously innovate to improve our understanding of complex diseases and find new innovate treatment solutions that benefit patients.


We always do the right thing and not the easy thing. We adhere to high standards of professional values and practices in all our projects to ensure the safety and quality results are paramount to us.

Company Milestones

$ 45M USD

Total market volume

8+ trials

Clinical trials (Ongoing and complete)

37+ Countries

Patents globally

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A1 $6M USD

Chang Gung University R&D supported by major government funded projects.
NaviFUS Corp. was founded in Taiwan with funding from angel investors.
U.S. FDA Pre-submission Meeting held.
NaviFUS System won 12th National Innovation Award.
Accepted as “Actively-Guided Case” from Taiwan Food & Drug Administration Consultation.
NaviFUS Corp. closed Series A1 funding of $6M USD from Taiwan’s Venture Capital & pharmaceutical industry.
NaviFUS System won the Future Tech Award.

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Begin rGBM-FUS trial、

A2 $7M USD

NaviFUS system got an IDE qualification and was approved for a phase 1 clinical trial in Taiwan.
NaviFUS Corp. closed Series A2 funding of $7M USD.
NaviFUS recruited its 1st patient for its rGBM clinical trial.
Accepted as “Fast Track Case” from Center of Drug Evaluation

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Completed the safety and effocacy trial

NaviFUS system was approved for a phase 1 Epliepsy clinical trial in Taiwan.
NaviFUS completed the safety and efficacy clinical trial for its NaviFUS System, and results showed that it can precisely open the blood-brain barrier (BBB) with safe recovery afterwards.
NaviFUS won 2019 Taipei Biotech Awards.

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Begin FUS+Drug trial、

A3 $5.3M USD

NaviFUS System approved by TFDA for FUS+bevacizumab clinical trial.
NaviFUS System approved for use in Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trial in Australia.
NaviFUS launched FUS+bevacizumab clinical trial to teat the efficacy of combination FUS-bevacizumab therapy in rGBM patients.
NaviFUS presented clinical trial data and device capabilities at virtual International Focused Ultrasound Symposium.
NaviFUS successfully completed the A3 round funding of USD 5.3M.

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Begin FUS+RT 、Epilepsy Trial 、Series A4 $10M USD

Positive preliminary data from FUS-BBB open + Avastin in rGBM clinical trial.
Received first overseas order for research FUS device.
Presented at FUS Foundation 2021 GBM Workshop.
Received approval for FUS + radiotherapy clinical trial.
NaviFUS received 26.3K USD sponsorship from FUS foundation.
Successfully completed the 4th round funding of USD 10M.
NaviFUS launched phase II Epilepsy Trial in Taiwan.
Participated in 2021 Focused Ultrasonic Neuromodulation (FUN) conference.
Founder & Chief Technology Consultant Dr. Hao-Li Liu in 2021 International Symposium on Treatment of Brain and Neurology Disorders and 2021 Bubble Activity in Therapeutic Ultrasound Workshop.
Published positive preliminary results for drug-resistant epilepsy pilot study.

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Begin FUS for rGBM & Epilepsy Trial in UAS、Beging FUS for Epilepsy Trail in Auatralia、Series A5 Fundraising

Results for drug-resistant epilepsy pilot study published in Epilepsia.
FDA IDE approved for rGBM clinical trial in Stanford University.
1st NaviFUS System research model sold to Korea.
Partner with Bracco to co-develop new microbubble for FUS-BBB open.
NaviFUS wins Gold in the 2022 Edison Award.
TFDA approved NAVIRFA license.
Participated in 2022 International Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound (ISTU) Symposium.
NaviFUS stock listed on the Taipei Exchange’s Emerging Stock Market.
Promising preliminary results from phase II trial reiterate value of FUS as a promising therapy on the horizon for Drug-resistant Epilepsy.
Participated in 2022 International Focused Ultrasound Symposium.
NaviFUS Enters Cooperation Agreement with Brainlab.

NaviFUS Awards

NaviFUS Corp. is always open to collaborating with partners across the world.

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding collaboration.