NaviFUS and Bracco cooperation model in the works

NaviFUS and Bracco have recently made great progress towards an early-stage cooperation agreement that is expected to be finalized in the near future. Bracco’s microbubble products will be used together with NaviFUS’ NaviFUS system, which uses focused ultrasound to stimulate microbubbles to temporarily open the Blood-Brain-Barrier (BBB) and allow enhanced drug delivery.

NaviFUS Provides Research Update on Glioblastoma and Epilepsy

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Presenters include Dr. Arthur Lung, CEO of NaviFUS, along with two leading clinicians, Dr. Kuo-Chen Wei and Dr. Hsiang-Yu Yu, to discuss their groundbreaking clinical projects using NaviFUS devices.
Dr. Wei is exploring the use of focused ultrasound for glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), a particularly aggressive form of brain cancer.
Dr. Yu is investigating the use of focused ultrasound for epilepsy by targeting specific areas of the brain.

NaviFUS Enters Cooperation Agreement with Brainlab

The agreement will enable NaviFUS and Brainlab to explore the benefits of combining focused ultrasound and surgical guidance technologies.

NaviFUS (TaiEx: 6872) recently signed an earlystage cooperation agreement with Brainlab, a global leader in surgical imaging and navigation. The agreement will enable the companies to combine focused ultrasound (FUS) and surgical guidance technologies and identify methods that could accelerate the clinical integration of these approaches.

Promising preliminary results from phase II trial reiterate value of FUS as a promising therapy on the horizon for Drug-resistant Epilepsy

Dr. Yu Hsiang-Yu, Director of the Epilepsy Department at Taipei Veterans General Hospital Neurological Center, held a press conference earlier today summarizing the results of the previous pilot clinical trial using focused ultrasound (FUS) to treat patients with epilepsy and promoting the follow-up study that is currently underway.