Dr. Chien-Chen Chou Presents Recent Clinical Findings in FUN2021 virtual conference

Dr. Chien-Chen Chou Presents Recent Clinical Findings in FUN2021 virtual conference

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The International Transcranial Ultrasonic Stimulation Safety and Standards (ITRUSST) hosted the virtual Focused Ultrasonic Neuromodulation (FUN) conference from September 7th-9th,2021. FUN2021 brought together researchers developing and using ultrasound stimulation as a tool for cognitive neuroscience and clinical applications. This scientific symposium has a strongly integrative and translational approach including mechanisms, neural circuits, applications, engineering, neuroscience, and clinical practices.

NaviFUS also participated in the virtual exhibition and conference this year. Notable highlights from NaviFUS at the conference include exciting results from its Epilepsy clinical trial, which received much attention and interest at the conference.

NaviFUS’ Epilepsy trial (NCT03860298) conducted at Taipei Veterans General Hospital has successfully completed 6 subjects since October 2020. Dr. Chien-Chen Chou presented the exciting clinical results.

The results show that

  1. NaviFUS® neuronavigation-guided focused ultrasound system can deliver low-intensity focused ultrasound (LIFU) safely and feasibly through neuromodulation of the targeted region in drug-resistant epilepsy.
  2. Simultaneous SEEG recording showed change of power and node strength after using a NaviFUS® neuronavigation-guided focused ultrasound system.
FUN2021 Oral Presentation Abstracts – Dr. Chien-Chen Chou / Neuronavigation-Guided Low-Intensity Focused Ultrasound in Patients with Epilepsy

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