NaviFUS wins Honorable Mention at 2023 TIE Award

NaviFUS wins Honorable Mention at 2023 TIE Award


  • NaviFUS Corporation’s Groundbreaking Innovation Recognized with Honorable Mention at the 2023 Tech Innovation Excellence Award
  • Semiconductors Category Acknowledges NaviFUS’ Neuronavigation-Guided Focused Ultrasound System

  [Taipei, 22nd Aug 2023] – NaviFUS Corporation proudly announces its receipt of an Honorable Mention at the esteemed 2023 Tech Innovation Excellence Award (TIE Award), underscoring the groundbreaking impact of its Neuronavigation-Guided Focused Ultrasound (FUS) System. This recognition is in the competitive Semiconductors category, highlighting NaviFUS’ proficiency of integrating novel chip and circuit design theory in the FUS domain and establishing itself as a major force among seasoned veterans in Taiwan’s high-tech landscape.  

NaviFUS’ core technology revolves around the development of a Neuronavigation-Guided Focused Ultrasound System, specifically designed for the treatment of brain diseases. The capabilities of this innovative approach includes the non-invasive temporary opening of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and neuromodulation to regulate overactive neurons. This promises a new avenue for addressing various neurological disorders, and different models are in development, ranging from preclinical research to clinical research and mobile cart models.  

At the heart of NaviFUS’ accomplishment is the NaviFUS® System, a revolutionary platform that offers personalized treatment solutions for brain disorders like glioblastoma and epilepsy. This innovative technology non-invasively opens the BBB, enhancing drug penetration into the brain, and provides non-invasive relief for epilepsy patients experiencing seizures. The integration of neuronavigation guidance enables outpatient procedures, reducing costs and treatment duration.  

NaviFUS has conducted successful clinical trials at prominent local hospitals in Taiwan, including Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and Taipei Veterans General Hospital. The company is poised to further expand its clinical trials to NTU Hospital. Collaborating with local Taiwanese entities, NaviFUS is dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation in the medical technology field. By forging strategic partnerships, NaviFUS aims to bolster Taiwan’s medtech industry and offer novel clinical solutions to address the needs of patients with neurological disorders in the local community.  

“We are deeply honored to receive this Honorable Mention at the 2023 TIE Award,” stated Arthur Lung,CEO at NaviFUS Corporation. “This recognition serves as an acknowledgment of NaviFUS as a visionary pioneer in the medtech industry that leverages semiconductors’ capabilities to drive the development of FUS treatments for brain diseases. It also fuels our commitment to creating high-tech solutions that combine cutting-edge research with ingenious hardware implementation that can advance the frontiers of neurological therapy and benefit patients worldwide.”