NaviFUS Enters Cooperation Agreement with Brainlab

NaviFUS Enters Cooperation Agreement with Brainlab

NaviFUS x Brainlab

The agreement will enable NaviFUS and Brainlab to explore the benefits of combining focused ultrasound and surgical guidance technologies

Taiwan/Munich, October 31th , 2022—NaviFUS (TaiEx: 6872) recently signed an earlystage cooperation agreement with Brainlab, a global leader in surgical imaging and navigation. The agreement will enable the companies to combine focused ultrasound (FUS) and surgical guidance technologies and identify methods that could accelerate the clinical integration of these approaches.

The NaviFUS System currently uses a separate surgical navigation system to guide FUS sonication to the correct location in the brain. Through the agreement, NaviFUS can explore the benefits of integrating Brainlab software and its tracking infrastructure. This has the potential to improve the NaviFUS System’s ease of use, providing doctors with more treatment references and reducing the physical size of the equipment.

NaviFUS CEO, Arthur Lung commented: “I am enthusiastic about the prospect of working with Brainlab and enhancing our innovative hardware with their surgical imaging and navigation software. This cooperation agreement also serves as a steppingstone to more potential collaborations in the future.”

About Brainlab

Brainlab is a digital medical technology pioneer founded in 1989 and headquartered in Munich. The company employs more than 2000 people in 25 locations around the globe. Brainlab serves physicians, medical professionals and their patients in over 6000 hospitals in 121 countries.

Brainlab creates software-driven medical solutions that digitize, automate andoptimize clinical workflows for neurosurgery, spine, trauma, craniomaxillofacial (CMF), general and vascular surgery as well as radiotherapy and radiosurgery. Core products center around surgical navigation, radiotherapy, digital operating room integration, and information and knowledge exchange. The Brainlab open framework operating system will allow third parties to develop medical applications to further advance the field of spatial computing and mixed reality.

Brainlab is dedicated to creating an impact in healthcare. The company connects opportunities from emerging digital technologies to transform healthcare at scale and help improve the lives of patients worldwide. For more information, please visit Brainlab.

About NaviFUS

NaviFUS is a Taiwan medical device company specializing in non-invasive, precise, and cost-effective focused ultrasound (FUS) solutions for clinically unmet needs. Many brain-related diseases currently lack effective drug treatments, as drug delivery to the brain remains a major hurdle to translational therapy. NaviFUS aims to drive revolutionary clinical solutions for patients through FUS interventions while also providing value to pharmaceutical companies by potentially enhancing drug efficacy.