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NaviFUS is a Biotech company dedicated to providing novel platform solutions for crossing the blood-brain-barrier (BBB) for enhanced oncology drug delivery.

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About Us


The Team

Team People

Jen Chen, Ph.D.


Dr.Chen has over 30 years of new drug hunting/ development experience, he managed a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company (Genovate Biotechnology)engaged in developing new drugs, manufacturing high-quality pharmaceuticals, selling and marketing products.

Team People

Arthur Lung, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Lung had over 25 years of medical device product development/ marketing experience and devoted into 24 product-lunching works during his career in United Orthopedic and Medtronic-Weigao. He also has experience in entrepreneurship for the health industry.

Team People

Hao-Li Liu, Ph.D.

Founder & Technical Support

Dr. Liu is currently the Distinguished Professor of Department of Electrical Engineering, Chang-Gung University. He has published over 100 SCI papers and over 30 patents filed in areas of biomedical use of therapeutic ultrasound. He also was the primary designer for NaviFUS system.

NaviFUS History


NaviFUS Corp. was founded in 2015 with novel ultrasound technology based on years of essential academic research development by Dr. Hao-Li Liu at the Department of Electrical Engineering of Chang Gung University in Taiwan. The company successfully secured Series A1 and A2 funding for total USD 13M from Taiwan’s Venture Capital & pharmaceutical industry separately in 2016 and 2018. The company actively conducted clinical studies for the brain tumor and epilepsy in Taiwan. In 2018, the company also co-invested with Genovate Biotechnology Co., Ltd. for setting up a subsidiary company in Austria and aimed at the corporation for clinical studies in the therapy area except for brain tumor (e.g., Alzheimer's disease).

Major Milestones

NaviFUS system got a phase 1 clinical trial approval for epilepsy in Taiwan
Accepted as “Fast Track Case” from Center of Drug Evaluation consultation
The first trial for NaviFUS system in rGBM recruited its 1st patient.
NaviFUS Corp. closed Series A2 funding of $7M USD.
NaviFUS system got an IDE qualification and a phase 1 clinical trial approval for rGBM in Taiwan.
NaviFUS Corp. closed Series A1 funding of $6M USD from Taiwan’s Venture Capital & pharmaceutical industry.
Accepted as “Actively-Guided Case” from Taiwan Food & Drug Administration Consultation.
U.S. FDA Pre-submission Meeting held.
NaviFUS Corp. was founded in Taiwan with funding from private investors.
Chang Gung University R&D supported by major government funded projects.

NaviFUS Product



Company News

Blog Post

NaviFUS unveils next-gen 3D Fast-Guided Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) Tech at 1st International Asia-Pacific Advancements in Medical Ultrasound Forum

21st Oct, 2019

NAVIRFA, a new 3D image-guided medical system NaviFUS has been developing, was recently showcased at the 1st International Asia-Pacific Advancements in Medical Ultrasound Forum. Currently in the verification and testing stage, NAVIRFA can help solve "unmet needs" of current RFA surgery practices through innovative 3D imaging and other diagnostic improvements in accuracy and speed. It is expected to obtain US and Taiwan marketing authorization next year. NAVIRFA will primarily be applied to liver cancer patients, which comprise a rapidly growing population of cancer patients. Liver cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the world, with Taiwan and Asia as the most prevalent regions. The new technology behind NAVIRFA is primed to helping alleviate the liver disease burden in Asia Pacific and meeting escalating market demand…

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Blog Post

NaviFUS among Final Contestants for Taipei Biotech Award, Makes Progress in Clinical Trials

26th July, 2019

NaviFUS qualified for entry into the 2019 Taipei Biotech Awards and will present at the prize-winners’ pavilion during the event at Nangang Exhibition Hall. NaviFUS also announced that the safety study for “Focused Ultrasound-induced Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) Disruption in recurrent Glioblastoma patients” has been completed in June, with the case report to be completed in August. The study was conducted at Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, and none of the subjects had developed any treatment-related side effects. CEO Dr. Arthur Lung stated that the next step would be to continue towards Proof-of-Concept phase study, and he expressed that this project would be a major proponent of NaviFUS’ product line. NaviFUS has also been conducting a safety study for another epilepsy clinical trial recently at Taipei Veterans General Hospital and has completed its first FIH case in June; the study is currently in the stage of continuing to recruit more patients. Also, continuing its previous collaboration with experts in brain tumors and epilepsy from Stanford University…

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Blog Post

FUS Foundation visits NaviFUS

3rd Jun, 2019

We recently had the pleasure of hosting FUS Foundation’s Chairman Neal F. Kassell and Asia Program Director Jessica Lukens, and Council Member Jessica Chao again at NaviFUS. As a focused ultrasound company in Asia, NaviFUS was visited by FUS Foundation as part of its ongoing Asia program. Chairman Jen Chen, CEO Arthur Lung, and CTO Hao-Li Liu gave them a tour of NaviFUS’ facilities and discussed with them the current state of NaviFUS’ operations, potential collaborations and opportunities with FUS Foundation, and landscape of FUS technology in Taiwan and Asia…

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Blog Post

The Navifus System has been getting a clinical trial approval for Drug-Resistant Epilepsy in Taiwan

20th Feb, 2019

NaviFUS announced that their focus ultrasound system (NaviFUS system) had gotten the clinical trial approval from TFDA for the treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy(DRE). The primary goal of this trial is validation the safety of NaviFUS system using in DRE. Subjects recruiting will start in April…

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Blog Post

Navifus has been updating the progression of current trial for rGBM patients

15th Nov, 2018

Taiwan-based focused ultrasound manufacturer NaviFUS recently announced the start of its first clinical trial for glioblastoma. To date, three patients have been treated. Researchers at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital are investigating focused ultrasound to induce opening of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) in patients with glioblastoma using optically guided, neuronavigational technology…

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Navifus disclosed the early safety data for rGBM patients in 6th ISFU, 2018, USA

24th Oct, 2018

The 6th International Symposium on Focused Ultrasound (ISFU) was held in Reston, Virginia, demonstrating the field's immense progress and the groundbreaking technology's potential to transform medical therapy worldwide. More than 450 clinicians, scientists, government employees and industry representatives from around the globe gathered October 21–25 to hear 250 presentations on the latest research, including key clinical milestones for neurological indications such as brain tumors, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, OCD, and depression.
Chief Executive Officer Dr. Lung participate in this symposium and disclosed the initial safety result of FIH trial about " FUS Open BBB" in rGBM patient at Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (Taiwan)…

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Blog Post

The Navifus System has been getting an IDE qualification and a FIH clinical trial for rGBM patients

29th Jan, 2018

The NaviFus Focus Ultrasound System has been getting investigational Device Exemption (IDE) qualification and accepted to execute FIH clinical trial in Q1 for rGBM patients by TFDA Consulting.
It’s a pioneer of brain tumor therapy by using FUS opening BBB temporally in Taiwan’s clinical study. In addition to brain tumors, it is also actively expanding the use of this technology in other central nervous diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy and so on…

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Blog Post

The prototype of NaviFUS System has debuted in the “FUTURE TECH, 2017” Exhibition in Taiwan

2nd Jan, 2018

"Future Tech, 2017" in Taiwan assembles 109 breakthroughs and industrial applications of forward-looking technology’s research achievements from72 study institutes to participate such as MOST、Science Park、NARLABS、NIH, NSRRC, NCDR… etc. The area including biotechnology and new drugs, Medical materials, electronics and optoelectronics, metal chemicals and innovative materials.
The prototype of Navifus System is also debuted in the exhibition, the system can guide the specific frequency ultrasound to the appropriate position of the temporary opening blood-brain barrier (BBB) and enhance the treatment by helping the drug release.

Blog Post

NaviFUS executives visit FUS Foundation

14th Feb, 2017

Executives from NaviFUS, a new focused ultrasound company in Taiwan, visited the Foundation to share information on the status of ...

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The NaviFUS System received winner of 12th National Innovation Award


Estimation of 98% of current therapeutic agents in the blood stream can not reach brain tumor tissues due to human body's blood-brain-barrier, causing poor cancer treatment...

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Blog Post

The NaviFUS system was reported by Fortune Magazine

13th Jun, 2014

By concentrating acoustic energy into the body, we can heat and destroy tumors caused by cancerous cells...

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The NaviFUS system was reported by IEEE Spectrum

22nd May, 2014

Window In The Brain: A 256-channel ultrasound array has been tested on a pig. The array could electronically steer ultrasound energy to open ...

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